10 Delicious and healthy snacks for weight loss and increased energy.

10 Delicious and healthy snacks for weight loss and increased energy.
10 Delicious and healthy snacks for weight loss and increased energy.

When I talk to my clients and friends about eating healthy one of the most common problems is I come across is that they find it difficult to think of and organise healthy snacks for weight loss and improving energy levels. Is this the same for you?

You can prepare the usual mealtimes of breakfast, lunch and dinner ok but when it comes to having a quick snack between meals or preparing something for going out somewhere you struggle to think of anything to have.

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This leads to the problem of getting hungry with no healthy snack options available so you become vulnerable to the stopping at a garage or hitting the vending machine for quick fixes that tend not to be the best snacks for weight loss and improving your body composition. Now doing this every now and then is not going to make much of a difference if you are eating healthy for weight loss most of the time. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence then you could be slowing down or sabotaging the fat burning process.

As you probably know eating 5-6 small meals regularly throughout the day is a very effective fat loss strategy but it only works this way if you are eating the right foods in the correct portion sizes. So having healthy snacks for weight loss ready and available is an important element if you want to experience the quickest and most noticeable results.

So to make sure you keep on track and I want to give you some of the best snacks for weight loss I have used on myself and with clients and friends. These are all made with natural foods you can get anywhere and are really simple to plan. Also they taste really good

Quick, healthy snacks for weight loss to get and stay lean:

  • Apple or other fruit with Protein Shake
  • Cream Cheese with carrot sticks or sliced red/yellow/orange peppers
  • Natural low fat yogurt with scoop of whey protein and berries
  • Ricotta cheese with sliced peppers or carrot sticks
  • Cottage cheese mixed with banana and walnuts
  • A couple hard boiled eggs with celery sticks and hummus
  • 2 pieces of sprouted grain bread with tuna, honey mustard and raisins. Serve with apple slices.
  • Low salt Tuna in water mixed with half avocado. Serve with celery sticks
  • A  bowl of berries mixed with handful of walnuts
  • Cottage cheese with cinnamon, apple slices, and walnuts

As you can see they all contain healthy foods for weight loss that are easy to throw together either before you leave to go out or are desperate for something to eat when staying at home. So time to stop using the excuse of  “but there was nothing for me to eat” when tucking into some less then nutritious offering at the office or in the car. These are some great healthy snacks for weight loss that I know you will enjoy and more importantly look and feel better from eating them.


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If you want a healthy, lean body that is full of vitality then there is a fundamental way you must eat and the diet solution program provides this framework. This is the way I eat and is the way I recommend to all my clients, family and friends. As I stated this is not a quick fix but will require effort and discipline on your part to make the changes in your diet and lifestyle. However because of how detailed and comprehensive the program is all the hard work has been done for you so there is no guessing or figuring it out involved.

This is not another fad or weight loss plan but the basis of how you need to eat for optimal health and a lean functional body. If you are interested in this program (and you should be) then you can try it out for 21 days for less than 5 bucks.

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