Top 7 Awesome Weight Training Workout – Muscle Building Made Easy

Top 7 Awesome Weight Training Workou
Top 7 Awesome Weight Training Workou

You can’t grow muscles without some kind of weight training workout as our muscles need stress to grow. Without stress, the muscles quickly adapt and they can handle everyday life without much hassle.

But when you put stress on the muscles, they will be forced to build new ones, as that will be the only way to cope with the pressure.

We will in this article go through some exercises that can help you immensely on your way to growing mass.  


Weight Training Workout

1st Weight Training Workout – Squat
The first weight training exercise is the squat. The reason we want the squat exercise in our routine, is because it is a compound exercise that targets more muscles at once. It is a great muscle builder and some will even say that this weight training full body workout will be the only one you need for your legs.

2nd Weight Training Workout – Dead Lift
Dead Lift is most bodybuilder’s favorite weight training workout routine. And that is because it targets your back muscles like almost no other exercise. You have to be careful with this weight training full body workout however, and perform it in a correct manner to avoid injuries.

3rd Weight Training Workout – Incline Dumbbells Press
This is a great weight training workout for your upper chest area. A lot of bodybuilder prefers to use dumbbells for the incline, instead of barbell. It is a great weight training workout to switch your routine up.

4th Weight Training Workout – T-Bar Row
The T-Bar is slowly starting to gain recognition as a great weight training workout in normal gyms. It has been known to bodybuilders for a long time and that is because it is a great weight training workout for your back area.


5th Weight Training Workout – Shoulder Press
You can choose to do the shoulder press weight training workout either standing or sitting. I however prefer to do it standing, but when I lift really heavy weights, I like to sit on an exercise bench to have back support.

6th Weight Training Workout – Decline Chest Flyers
This exercise is also rarely used by many, but it is great for your lower weight training chest exercise and should definitely be included in your routine. You can choose to do it with dumbbells or cables.

What the decline chest flyers can look like

Weight Training Workout – Abdominals

It is not enough to focus on every other weight training exercise than your abs, as your abdominal muscles is what defines a strong core. And not to forget, abdominal weight training bodybuilding exercises have great results when you have a 6 –or 8 pack.

Some great exercises are abdominal crunches, either on a bench or on an exercise ball. Or on a pull up bar, where you raise your knees up to your chest and even abdominal crunch machine.

The above weight training workout exercises are all excellent for building muscle and they should all be included in your workout routine.


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