8 signs of too much salt in your diet

8 signs of too much salt in your diet

Have you ever been scolded by your mother about eating too much salt when she caught you red-handed in the kitchen, putting spoonfuls of salt in the pasta? Or even worse, have you ended up in the doctor’s room with complaints of frequent urinating, digestive issues and unexplainable thirst only to hear your doctor say “don’t consume too much salt!”? If yes, it’s about time you really think about ending your toxic relationship with your seemingly adorable enemy: salt.

Apparently salt seems like a really harmless kitchen ingredient that does nothing but add a whole lot of flavour to your food. But that’s really not the case. If it were, your mum would never scold you about eating too much of it, nor would the doctor forbid you from consuming it too much. So salt is indeed bad for you. But how would you know you’re consuming too much of it? What are the signs to look for? Let’s discuss!

  1. Elevated Blood Pressure

Now this is probably the most known sign of too much salt in your diet. We’ve always heard from our elders and from everybody around us that consuming a lot of salt increases blood pressure. You can check your BP readings at home and if it exceeds 140/90 mmHg then you’ve a high blood pressure which could be very much due to high salt in your diet.

  • Water Retention

Another sign of too much salt in the diet is experiencing swollen eyelids right after waking up, caused by water retention in the tissues due to high salt intake. The swelling may also occur in the ankle or the foot, which, upon pressing, may leave a mark.

  • Frequent Urination

The urge to urinate frequently is also a sign of too much salt intake. Not only this, a high salt consumer’s urine would be darker and thicker than usual, and would also have an usually pungent smell.

  • Unexplained Thirst

Consuming excessive amounts of salt makes you feel unusually thirsty even when you’re drinking enough water. This condition is accompanied with dryness of lips and mouth.

  • Weight Gain

Weight gain is also a sign of excessive salt intake, which nobody really takes much notice of. This sign should be especially looked out for by heart patients, since they’re at stake of experiencing the highest danger at the hands of excess salt.

  • Sleep Issues

If you’ve been experiencing difficulties with falling asleep lately, you may be consuming too much salt. This may sound funny at first, but consuming too much salt actually causes sleep disturbances. Not only this, but consuming too much salt also causes bad sleep quality, and fatigue and dizziness after waking up.

  • Digestive Problems/Disorders

When you consume too much of salt, it taxes your digestive system heavily and you may feel bloating, stomach pain and indigestion due to it.

  • Salt Addiction

Salt addiction is an obvious and logical sign of excessive salt consumption. People who have too much salt in their diet feel an unusual craving for salt in every item they eat, and don’t feel satisfied unless they drench their food in salt.

Final Word

Too much salt in your diet is mirrored through various signs in your body and is a warning to your body to cut down on salt for a healthy and optimal living.


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