What Happens to You If You Eat 3 Eggs A Day?

What Happens to You If You Eat 3 Eggs A Day?
What Happens to You If You Eat 3 Eggs A Day?

Eggs are one of the cheapest and healthiest food options available out there. Simple boiled egg, dippy sunny side up, or scrambled eggs, you can eat them in any way you like. Eggs are delicious and easy to make. However, the real richness of an egg lies in its nutrition. An egg is loaded with protein, iron, and other minerals. Eggs are not only for breakfast; you can easily consume them with your meals or add them to your salads.

Many people do not eat eggs daily, but the truth is that eating them daily is great for your health. In this article, you will read what happens when you eat three eggs daily.

  •  Feel Energetic

Eggs are loaded with nutrients that give you an instant boost of energy. If you eat eggs for breakfast daily, you will stay energetic throughout the day. As eggs are digested slowly, you will feel full for longer. In addition to that, you will get a continuous energy supply.

  • Get Better Hair and Skin

If you eat eggs daily, your hair and skin will become healthier. The high protein content in eggs will meet your hair needs and reduce hair fall. Also, the nutrient in eggs improves the elasticity of your skin, making it youthful and fresh.  

  • Lose Fat

Eggs are low in calories and high in protein. Eating eggs every day will enhance your metabolism and encourage fat loss. Moreover, eggs make you feel full for longer and reduce your calorie consumption, reducing weight gain.

  • Get Good Cholesterol

People think that eggs raise cholesterol levels in your body, but the truth is that they contain good cholesterol called HDL. HDL reduces the bad cholesterol in your body and improves heart health.

  • Better Immunity

The eggs will give you a boost of immunity. Whole eggs are a source of many nutrients and vitamins essential for your body. These nutrients are key for a healthy immune system. Eggs reduce inflammation in the body and thus, prevent many diseases.

  • Get Healthy Eyes

The antioxidants and omega fatty acids in eggs will improve your eye health. The daily use of eggs can reduce the chances of age-related eye disorders like cataracts.

  • Better Mind Functioning

The eggs contain magic ingredients like choline and vitamin B12. Both these are known to improve brain functioning and cognitive skills. Also, B12 can lower the risk of memory loss and dementia.

Who should not eat three eggs a day?

Many studies have proved that eggs may not have any adverse effects on heart health, but not in the case of diabetes. Egg consumption can increase the risk of heart disease in diabetic patients. Only healthy adults are recommended to eat three eggs a day. If you have any health complications, seek medical advice.

Final Words

To conclude, if you eat three eggs daily, your body will go through some healthy changes. Your overall health and immunity will improve. You will feel more energetic and fuller throughout the day. Eggs are nature’s gifts, loaded with nutrients.


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