How to lose 15 pounds in a month – All the information you need

How to lose 15 pounds in a month
How to lose 15 pounds in a month

If you want to know how to lose 15 pounds in one month then there are 3 factors that we need to address and make changes where necessary. These are diet, exercise and lifestyle and how you organise all of these 3 elements will determine how successful you are. To lose 15 pounds in a means you are dropping almost 4 pounds a week which is not so hard to do if you are severely overweight but far more challenging if this is the last 15 pounds before you become very lean (ie visible ab muscles). Losing over 3 pounds a week when already very lean means you are losing muscle and this is not an ideal situation.

how to lose 15 pounds in a month

If you want to lose 15 pounds in a month then get ready to work hard

However regardless of what stage you are at in terms of overall weight loss the principles remain the same but require more discipline the leaner you become. Before I continue let me just state at this point that being able to lose 15 pounds in 1 month will require commitment, work and effort so make sure you are fully prepared and mentally focused to do what is necessary.


How to lose 15 pounds in one month – Diet

Reduce daily calories – Losing weight is all about creating a calorie deficit and to do help do this you need to reduce the amount you eat.  I don´t mean starve yourself or obsessively count calories but you are going to have to eat less if you are going to lose 15 pounds in month. As a quick rough guide most women lose weight eating between 1400- 1800 calories and men between 1800-2200. Therefore I would use a site such as and enter a normal day’s food and see how many calories you are eating. If you are maintaining weight on this figure or your fat loss has slowed then reduce by around 20%. Normally I would advise a 10% reduction but because we need to lose weight rapidly you need to be a little more aggressive in your approach.  A normal approach is too then divide this amount of food into 5-6 small healthy meals to lose weight throughout the day. This is a good strategy that does work but for many of us is not convenient. Therefore if you have use another meal strategy that is fine just so long as you are not overeating by too many calories.

Reduce Starchy foods  – If you are eating starchy foods such as pasta, bread and white rice and other grain based products with nearly every meal then it is going to be difficult to lose 15 pounds in one month. Apart from the fact that these foods are very calorific they also play havoc with blood sugar levels and insulin levels which can lead to fat storage. Instead focus more of your diet on lots of vegetable and fruits with some complex carbs such as sweet potatoes. If the thought of giving these foods up entirely makes you shudder then you may want to think about using cheat days (where you get too eat anything you want for a whole day and still lose weight) as a diet strategy. For more information on how to do this properly check out this site -Extreme Fat Loss Diet.

Increase Protein intake – Apart from helping build muscle protein can help with weight loss. Now I don´t want to get into a full discussion about protein and its benefits (here is great article if you do want to know more 4 Reasons you need Protein) but suffice to say protein can help curb hunger, boost your metabolism, help retain lean muscle and help you burn more sugar for energy rather than storing it for fat. For the best results try choosing organic meats, fish, eggs and dairy products. If you struggle to eat this type of food or don´t have the time to prepare protein based meals and snacks but still want the benefits that protein can offer then think about getting a quality protein supplement.

Increase Healthy fats – yes you need more fat in your diet but only the right sort. Healthy fats as they are known are found foods such as oily fish, pressed oils, nuts, seeds and avocado´s. Apart from the many health benefits this nutrient offers also helps with weight loss by stabilising insulin levels in the body and encouraging more fat oxidisation in the fat cells. Again if you’re not keen on the foods listed here then I recommend investing in a good quality essential fatty acid supplement.


How to lose 15 pounds in one month – Exercise

Regular Cardio – If you want to lose 15 pounds in a month which is quite a lot then you need to be doing regular cardio exercise. There are lots of ideas about which is the best form of cardio i.e., long steady pace or high intensity interval training and to be honest both work if followed consistently with the correct diet. However in my experience to lose weight quickly a combination of the two is ideal. To be honest if you just wanted to lose 15 pounds in one month then you could just use cardio however if you want to lose 15 pounds and have a leaner , firmer and more attractive body then you must include some resistance training.

Resistance Training – Not only does resistance training build lean muscle but it is great for burning fat and boosting your metabolism. However to get the best result use multi joint movements such as squats, pushing movements, deadlifts, lunges and pulling movements and increase the intensity of the workout by using heavy weights and training strategies such as supersets and mini circuits.

If all this sounds a little overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start or how to plan this then you may want to think about getting a fitness program that shows you exactly how to train for maximum fat loss. There are many available but one I like is Turbulence Training for fat loss.

Along with these focused type of workouts you do also need to be doing some form of activity on a daily basis. Whether it be more walking, cycling, playing more sport or just being up and moving around it doesn´t matter so long as you don´t have days where you do nothing unless of course you are not well.

How to lose 15 pounds in one month – Lifestyle

I think it goes without saying that if you want to lose significant amounts of weight then there has to be some lifestyle changes.

Be less social – First off your social life may need to be cut back. If you are eating out a lot or constantly meeting friends for drinks then this needs to be reduced until you hit your goals. I don´t mean cut it out completely (unless you want to of course) but scale it back to maybe no more than once or twice at the most .

Improved Sleep – This is a lifestyle factor that is often overlooked but very important. Many people I know including myself don´t sleep as much or get quality sleep as often as they should and this can slow down fat loss. Now the whole debate surrounding weight loss and sleep deprivation is beyond the scope of this article however some research has shown that partial sleep deprivation can influence vital hormones that effect weight loss and weight gain.  Lack of sleep can also reduce insulin sensitivity, increase your appetite and slow down your metabolism when resting. To be honest getting enough quality sleep is good for your health in general and allows you function at your best so you should always strive to ensure you improve the amount you get. That said too much sleep can also be a problem if wanting to losing weight so I would recommend no more than 8 hours a night.

Manage stress – Again another factor that not considered but can have a big impact on losing and gaining weight. If you are constantly emotionally and physically stressed then your body will have a lot of the hormone cortisol flying around. Cortisol is the hormone associated with “fight or flight” and has been linked to abdominal fat storage and reducing lean muscle tissue. Also if you are like me then in times of stress you tend to eat more to help you cope with the situation. Getting good sleep will help reduce stress and you can normally cope better with a good night’s sleep under your belt but learning to take time out and relax can also be beneficial.  Basically the less stress you feel in your life the more chance you have of losing weight and keeping it off.

Here then is all the information you need that shows you how to lose 15 pounds in a month the rest is now up to you.


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