14 Telling Signs and Symptoms of Liver Damage

14 Warning Signs You Might Have Liver Damage

Your liver is a superhero in disguise. It does a lot for you, including metabolizing your food and removing toxic wastes from your body, to name a few functions. However, this secret superhero is very much prone to damage, especially if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. So it sends signals, or signs, a call for help, for you to notice so that you could save your superhero before he loses himself in an invisible battle. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for these signs for timely diagnosis and treatment for liver damage. Following are 14 warning signs you might have liver damage:

  • You Have A Low Appetite

If you rarely feel hungry now, despite being a binge-eater formerly, chances are there’s something wrong with your liver! Your superhero is secretly suffering; get to his help!!

  • You Have Difficulty Falling Asleep

Inconsistent sleep patterns are another warning sign for a damaged liver. Liver cirrhosis, specifically, maybe one of the many underlying causes for difficulties in sleep consistency and sleep issues.

  • Your Have Difficulty Recalling Things

With age comes memory decline, naturally. But, if you’re experiencing unreasonable memory loss and difficulty remembering things you formerly had no difficulties with, chances are your liver is the culprit here. The reason for this is your liver might not be properly removing toxins from your blood, consequently resulting in memory loss.

  • You Have Persistent Fatigue

Feeling tired after a long working day is normal, but if you feel tired even when you’re not working, listen to your liver!! It might be a cry for help your liver might be sending out to you!

  • You Feel Itching In Skin

One early sign of Primary Biliary Cholangitis, which is a chronic disease of the bile duct, is experiencing Itching in your skin. Apart from other causes of Itching like skin dryness etc, liver damage could be a potential cause.

  • Your Skin Or Eyes Are Yellowish

Jaundice is a very common sign of skin/eye yellowing, but it’s alarming, especially if it’s recurrent. Liver damage may be causing recurrent yellowing of skin/eyes, and its timely diagnosis and treatment is important before it gets too late!

  • Your Weight Has Suddenly Increased

If you’ve experienced unreasonable, sudden weight gain, your liver might have caused it! Liver cirrhosis usually causes sudden weight gain.

  •  Your Weight Has Suddenly Decreased

Where sudden weight gain is a sign of liver damage, sudden weight loss is just the same! It doesn’t only point toward liver cirrhosis but could also be a sign of Hepatitis C.

  • You Have Red Palms

Your palms turning red out of nowhere may also be indicative of liver damage, especially of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

  • Your Breasts Have Enlarged

Another alarming sign of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is a sudden enlargement of the breasts, especially in men.

  • Frequent Bruising

Frequent unreasonable bruising is another sign of liver damage, especially if you aren’t old and have no legitimate reasons for getting bruised.

  • Leg and Ankles Inflammation

If you’re experiencing unexpected and unreasonable puffing/swelling in your ankles and legs, chances are you have liver disease.

  • Urine Darkening

Notice your urine and its color; if it’s getting unusually dark, then it’s about time you schedule a urine test because it may be a precursor to liver damage.

  • Constant Chills

Getting constant chills in your body despite not living in a cold place may be alarming because of its association with liver disease.

Final Word

The above-mentioned 14 signs of liver damage are important in the timely treatment and management of liver diseases.


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