Relieve that Stress with some Yoga Workouts at Home

Relieve that Stress with some Yoga Workouts at Home
Relieve that Stress with some Yoga Workouts at Home

Sometimes we feel our stress levels going beyond our control and we wish we had an easy vent to let all that steam out. Well, help is at hand and all you need to do is get familiar with a few calming exercises that can put your muscles to good use and get your blood pumping. This can certainly help you keep those stressful situations down. Yoga is just perfect to deal with stress and can easily done at home. You will need little space to do those exercises and can do Yoga in any room. The advantage of yoga routines is that one can make them as long or as short as you need them to be.

There are many exercise videos on yoga that you can easily get in local stores or online and follow the right combinations of moves that will target specific areas of the body. All you need to do is follow a move or posed and hold it for about 10 seconds, and release. You can increase the duration according to your level of comfort and needs.

Let us take a look at some specific exercises that can certainly help in reduce the stress levels.

  • The Arms in Front Position
    Sit down and kneel with your arms completely extended and keep your fingers laced together. Lean forward, gently rounding your spine and feel the muscles between those shoulder blades working with and letting out all the stress.
  •  The Arms Overhead Position
    Sit on the floor and lift your arms over your head slowly and knit your fingers together once you fully extend your arms. Try to keep the spine as straight as possible for maximum benefit.
  • The Reclining Cobbler Position
    Roll up a throw blanket or get a small cushion for use and lay back with the cushion or blanket positioned vertically. Support your head and shoulders and place your feet together and try to touch the floor with your knees.
  • The Supported Bridge Position
    Place cushion and blanket on the floor and lay down, arching your back gently. Feel the muscles in hips and abdomen engage and hold this position for as long as you can and then relax.

The Child’s Position
Bend down and rest your bottom against the heels and then slowly lean forward until the forearms rest on the floor. Extend your neck, taking a deep breath, and then exhale.


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