Cardio Workouts at Home and at Low-Cost

5 Simple Home Workouts to Lose Weight
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The right exercise regimen is made of techniques of flexibility, strength straining and fat reduction.  In order to improve muscle tone one can use weights, but, if you are not burring out all that fat, you are not going to see the results you are aiming for. Follow the workout designed for your body at a gym and you can easily do all those exercises at home. There is no need to buy expensive equipment in order to get a fit body. Rather than getting the equipment, it is more essential to focus on the right exercises. Most of us would love to have a well-sculpted body.

Let us take a look at some cardio workouts that will hardly cost your anything and offer you the best results.

Low-impact workout
These exercises are great for beginners and will not add any stress on the joints and will increase the strength and reduce fat. Do simple stretches and step touches to warm up for five minutes. This will loosen limbs and keep the heart rate going.

  • Front kick lunges
    These are light weight exercises that can strengthen the arms. Stand and bend the knees slightly and keep the elbows tucked in and those fists should be loosely clenched. Now, kick with the right foot, and lunge with the left, keeping in a bent position and the left leg should be straight. Now, use the right hand to touch the floor to steady yourself and repeat the exercise with the left foot go through the complete sequence for 5 minutes.
  • Perform side lunges
    Perform the lungs for two minutes. Stand with legs wide apart and stretch the arms out.  Now, touch your left foot with the right arm and stand and the right foot with your left arm. Repeat the steps as fast as possible.
  • Front kick lunges
    These are another light weights that strengthen the arms. Stand and keep elbows tucked in and bend slightly at the knees and the fists loosely clenched. Now, Kick with the right foot and keeping the left leg straight back while flowing
    back into a bent position. Repeat the exercise with the left foot and complete the entire exercise for five minutes.

High-impact workout

For the high-impact workouts, there are a few choices as these exercise can cause injury

And shouldn’t be done by people suffering from back and joint problems. Consult your family doctor before you choose a regimen.

  • Jumping rope is one of the top ways to burn fat
  • Jumping jacks are another high-impact exercise
  • Do Burpees, which include full-body workouts with squats


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